Why Did It Have To Be Ronnie And Not This Boob?!?

So far this off-season, Jim Hendry has done a great job doing what he does best: sucking at being a General Manager. Going into the annual winter meetings he has thus far missed out on landing Adrian Gonzalez, took a huge swing and a miss at Adam Dunn, gotten Paul Konerko to laugh at him, watched Lance Berkman sign with a divisional rival, had former starting shortstop/2nd baseman make a mokery of the team, and failed to move any of the bad contracts. There is some good news though!!!! Sleep easy people, Jim Hendry did manage to sign Jeff Baker to a 1 year deal. World Series here we come!

The Cubs are doomed. Plain and simple. I thought perhaps with adding a good first baseman, and a starter to the rotation and they would be fine. Now word on the street is that they are looking at James Loney at first. What a bunch of crap that is. I'd rather just sign Derrek Lee back.  What's worse, is that the Cubs are owned by a man who knows as much about baseball as I do about whale fishing. I'm just going to quit while I'm ahead. If I continued to type about what a worthless piece of garbage Jim Hendry is, I won't have finger prints by days end.


Forgetting the count, hell, forgetting the inning, mispronouncing names, calling a game as sharp as an eraser, interrupting the play by play man out of sheer emotion: things we hated about Ron Santo? No. Things we loved about Ron. As somebody once recently said, "There is not a single superstar in sports that is more relatable to their fans than Ron Santo. Not Michael Jordan, not Henry Aaron, not anybody."

A lot of people liked to ridicule Ron Santo for his not-so-great color commentary, as if the rest of us weren't already aware. Even Ron himself knew. But those same people that ridiculed, have zero concept of what it is to be a Cub fan. Ron Santo was the epitome and embodiment of what it is to be a Cub's fan. We didn't listen to him to hear how well he can call a game; that's what Pat Hughes was for. We listened to him because he was the only broadcaster that you could truely relate your ups and downs with. Listening to Ron reminded us that it isn't always easy to be a Cub fan, but we're all in this together. THAT, my friends, is what made him great.

The two things that make this so hard to take is that there is no walk into the sunset. Ron never got his World Series, and he never got his plaque hanging in the Hall of Fame. It is nearly unfathomable that a man who completely dominated the league at his position both offensively and defensively for an entire decade does not make it to the Hall of Fame. Perhaps a little divine intervention will finally put an end to this hideous 103 year streak. Rest in peace Ron Santo. You are irreplaceable, and will be forever missed as long as the game of baseball is played.