Why Did It Have To Be Ronnie And Not This Boob?!?

So far this off-season, Jim Hendry has done a great job doing what he does best: sucking at being a General Manager. Going into the annual winter meetings he has thus far missed out on landing Adrian Gonzalez, took a huge swing and a miss at Adam Dunn, gotten Paul Konerko to laugh at him, watched Lance Berkman sign with a divisional rival, had former starting shortstop/2nd baseman make a mokery of the team, and failed to move any of the bad contracts. There is some good news though!!!! Sleep easy people, Jim Hendry did manage to sign Jeff Baker to a 1 year deal. World Series here we come!

The Cubs are doomed. Plain and simple. I thought perhaps with adding a good first baseman, and a starter to the rotation and they would be fine. Now word on the street is that they are looking at James Loney at first. What a bunch of crap that is. I'd rather just sign Derrek Lee back.  What's worse, is that the Cubs are owned by a man who knows as much about baseball as I do about whale fishing. I'm just going to quit while I'm ahead. If I continued to type about what a worthless piece of garbage Jim Hendry is, I won't have finger prints by days end.


Forgetting the count, hell, forgetting the inning, mispronouncing names, calling a game as sharp as an eraser, interrupting the play by play man out of sheer emotion: things we hated about Ron Santo? No. Things we loved about Ron. As somebody once recently said, "There is not a single superstar in sports that is more relatable to their fans than Ron Santo. Not Michael Jordan, not Henry Aaron, not anybody."

A lot of people liked to ridicule Ron Santo for his not-so-great color commentary, as if the rest of us weren't already aware. Even Ron himself knew. But those same people that ridiculed, have zero concept of what it is to be a Cub fan. Ron Santo was the epitome and embodiment of what it is to be a Cub's fan. We didn't listen to him to hear how well he can call a game; that's what Pat Hughes was for. We listened to him because he was the only broadcaster that you could truely relate your ups and downs with. Listening to Ron reminded us that it isn't always easy to be a Cub fan, but we're all in this together. THAT, my friends, is what made him great.

The two things that make this so hard to take is that there is no walk into the sunset. Ron never got his World Series, and he never got his plaque hanging in the Hall of Fame. It is nearly unfathomable that a man who completely dominated the league at his position both offensively and defensively for an entire decade does not make it to the Hall of Fame. Perhaps a little divine intervention will finally put an end to this hideous 103 year streak. Rest in peace Ron Santo. You are irreplaceable, and will be forever missed as long as the game of baseball is played.

Hot Stove Courtesy of Chet Steadman...

I gotta make this brief...

Ryan Theriot went to the Cardinals from the Dodgers. (Who cares?)

First base candidates for the Cubs: Lance Berkman, Carlos Pena, & Adam Dunn (doubt it) seem to be front runners.

Pitching interest for the Cubs: Brandon Webb, Jeff Francis, Erik Bedard, Aaron Harang. (All oft-injured players that will demand large contracts. Jim Hendry should have no problems with this one)

A deal is currently being negotiated to lock up Carlos Marmol long term. With the slider that boy throws, the Cubs should just be more concerned about his health care plan than the actual contract itself.

White Sox News...
Expect Paul Konerko to decline arbitration from the White Sox tonight. He won't be back next season with the White Sox. Trust me. I won't say this is comming from outside sources, because I AM the source.

According to the White Sox, A.J. Pierzynski was not offered arbitration. Not because they don't want him back. They just don't want to pay him north of $6.5 million.

Anybody know if Hawk Harrelson is still alive?

Never A Dull Moment with Jo...


Kings Were Dethroned

Bulls 96, Kings 85. Bulls were absolutely owned the first half, and absolutely did the owning in the second half. Bulls outscored Sacremento 52 to 28 in the final 2 periods. In my opinion, the Kings did a really good job shutting down Derrick Rose. You might say "but didn't Derrick have 30 points?" Well yes, he did. But the way he was attacking and getting stopped, he could've went off for an easy 40.

After 12 long years, a winning circus trip tastes great, but I have to say, this whole - being down by 20 and comming back to win it - is getting really old. I hope the Bulls are aware fans won't be mad if every game is a blowout. I don't need an entertaining, exciting comeback every...single...game. Before I sign off, I would just like to add, the Bulls had a chance to win every single one of the circus trip games. They had a late lead in everyone of them. You know what would've given us a 7-0 circus trip? Carlos Boozer. It's just a matter of time till utter dominance. Tick-Tock biatches! Stay classy San Diego.

John Lucas III Needs To Find A New Profession Immediately

Wow. The Bulls were 2 free throws away from a guaranteed winning circus trip for the first time since 97-98. John Lucas did his best to make sure this wasn't the case. First off, Thibadeou never should've put him in, in that situation in the first place. Secondly, Lucas didn't just miss TWO huge free throws, he straight up clanked them. Talk about shitting the bed and rolling over in it. You could blind fold me, spin me in a circle for 2 minutes, kick me in the crotch, an I could still shoot better free throws than that. This is one tough pill to swallow. All I can say is hopefully D-Rose comes out with a firey pissed off vengeance against Sacremento this evening.

On a more positive note, C J Watson, well done chap. Its about damn time somebody steps up like they got a set on this team (other than Rose). This game would've been over before it started had it not been for Watson.

Lakers Squeak By Bulls

With nobody willing to share any of the load with Derrick Rose the refs  Lakers defeated my Chicago Bulls last night 98-91. It's nice to say we had probably the best team in the league against the ropes for most of the game, but great teams find ways to win these games. Sure we almost took down the Spurs, the Celtics, AND the Thunder, but almost doesn't cut it. To say "well Bull's fans, be happy, at least you hung in there with the best" is the same thing as saying "well, be happy, your almost a great team." I'm still not changing my stance on this team though. I still say the Bulls are one of the top 5 teams in the league (top 3 in the East) when Boozer gets back. The Bulls desperately need that post presence and another player to shoulder some of the load. Boozer is that man.

On another note, did anybody else happen to notice announcer Neil Funk's facination with actor Chris O'Donnell last night? He calmly named off all the camera shots of Denzel Washington, Jack Nicholson, Frank Robinson, potential future Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emmanuel, and CHRIS O'DONNELL! THERE HE IS, CHRIS O'DONNELL IS HERE EVERYBODY. THE FINE ACTOR CHRIS O'DONNELL! I'm not sure if Neil Funk is married and/or has kids, but I'm pretty sure if he does, it's with Chris O'Donnell. Or maybe he just reeeaaaalllllyyyy loves batman. Whatever. Get back in the kitchen and finish my turkey.

Darn You 3rd Quarter!

Can somebody please explain what happened? I’m baffled, flabbergasted, appalled, disappointed, and confused. (To name a few) How do the Spurs score just 37 points in the entire first half, and then go off for 37 in the third quarter alone?!? Equally as puzzling, how do the Bulls manage just 12 points in the third quarter? Maybe the Bull’s were distracted knowing Eva Longoria is back on the market. I bet that’s it. What a distraction. Those poor Bulls. How can anybody be harsh on them after that loss? It’s like asking me to play Mozart with Jessica Biel sitting on top of the piano. Well, I’m just happy that they’ve gotten this loss out of their system, and now we can focus on destroying Dirk Nowitzki (who reminds me of the guy from the movie The Mask. The original…not the one with Jim Carrey) and the Dallas Mavericks.

Bull's Rim...

Has a lid on it in the second half. That's the only logical explanation I can offer. Outscored 31-8 with 2 min left in the 3rd. This one's ova!

Spurs Favored by 7.5

While tonight's game against the 8 and 1 San Antonio spurs will be a wee bit tougher than last night's; I fully anticipate a close game and/or yet another Bull's victory. This is only the second time thus far this season the Bulls have had to play on back to back nights, so their legs may be a bit tired. I am expecting a lot more out of Luol Deng tonight. SOMEBODY has to step up and be another scorer on this team. It certainly doesn't seem to be Ronnie Brewer or C.J. friggen Watson. Rose can't just keep carrying the load night after night. The Spurs play great defense and will not allow the Bulls to run up and down the court like wild banshees. The Bulls MAY lose this game tonight, but it will not be by more than 7.5 points. If Chicago can get the W, they will prevent the greatest start to a season in Spur's history.

Speaking of the Spurs....There's a little distraction on that team by the name of Tony Parker. Apparently this dumb-shit has been cheating on his wife Eva Longoria, so today she filed for divorce. It get's better. He's been cheating on her with the wife of a teammate!  If it's Tim Duncan's wife, consider this game a lock for the Bulls. Tim Duncan would murder Tony Parker on the court with his bare hands, then slam dunk his head. More importantly, why in the hell does Tony Parker feel the need to cheat on Eva Longoria?!?!? He must know something we don't know to do something this dumb. My guesses are the following: A. She grew a penis. B. She grew a tail (like the guy in Shallow Hal) C. She has SARS, West Nile, AND Swine flew. D. She grew a penis. Whatever it is, I feel Tony truely owes it to society to share his reason with the rest of us. What a jerk. Go Bulls.

Too Big, Too Fast, Too Strong...Too Good!

The D-Rose train is headed full steam ahead into San Antonio tonight on part two of the 7 game road trip. But before I get ahead of myself, allow me to backtrack to yesterdays game. First off, Derrick Rose is an animal. I'd say beast, but he's more than a beast. He's bar-none thee best point guard in the league. Deron Williams, Rajon Rondo, yeah I know, blah blah blah. Rose's speed and ability to take over during any point in the game are second to none. Plain and simple, the Bulls are not a good team without him. With Derrick sitting, Houston managed to go on a 13 to 4 run. They put Derrick back in and the Bulls go on an 18-0 run, with Rose scoring 14 of those 18. If you read the article below, I was pretty much dead on with that game. 4 wins in a row, first place in the central, 3 games over .500. Let's keep this gravy train rollin!

Let The Games Begin

Tonight marks the beginning of the annual circus trip for the Chicago Bulls. The annihilation of the Houston Rockets tips of at 7:30 PM. Houston is favored by two. This will not cover. You heard it, yet again, from me first. The Bulls will win this game with ease. Derrick Rose is going to shoulder a lot of the load with this game. Expect him to put on a clinic. Da Bulls are red hot, rolling, and ready to kick ass and take names. So listen, I gotta go. I have pre / during / and post game celebration to ensue regardless of the outcome. Expect a lot from CSBblabber tomorrow. Hang in there, and see you on hump day.

I'm In Love

Basketball Rapid Fire - Watch more Funny Videos

Monday Aftnoon Headlines.

Mr. 3 pointer, Kyle Korver, will not be around for at least the beginning of the annual circus trip (starting Tues in Houston). Apparently he has a boo-boo in his knee and is getting an MRI sometime soon. There are no other details than that. I’m sure we’ll find out more once the MRI is complete.

Fun facts:
  • Did you know at one point, the Bulls had lost 37 straight circus trip games? That’s right folks. 37. That’s almost half a season’s worth of consecutive losses. You'd think they would be called the "Detroit Bulls", because everything in Detroit sucks.
  • Last year, Joakim Noah discovered from the media why the annual road trip is called the “circus trip.” ….Answer: Because the Ringling Bros., Barnum & Bailey Circus moves into the United Center for about two weeks, forcing the Bulls and Blackhawks to hit the road. Here was Joakim’s response to that…”“That’s why they call it the circus trip?” Noah said. “I was like, ‘Why do they always call it the circus trip? What’s so circus about it?’ I didn’t even know that.””  Gotta love Jo.

Ryne Sandberg Makes It Official: Jim Hendry is a Jackass.

Well it's been confirmed. Ryne Sandberg has accepted an offer to become the next AAA manager for the Phillies. This comming after being burned on the Cub's head managerial position, turning down the offer to return back to the Cub's farm system, and stating his goal is to manage on a major league team this year. I know that might be a lot to take in, so let me disect: Jim Hendry blew smoke up Sandberg's backside for 4 years and iced it with a dagger in the back. So fittingly, Ryne Sandberg politely displayed his middle finger and showed himself the door. Good for Ryne. I'm not sure I can trust a man whose first name is spelled wrong anyways.

Weekend Recap

  • The Harry Caray statue was damaged outside of Wrigley on Friday when a vehicle accidentally clipped the side of it. Damage was relatively severe, but knowing the Cub's organization, they will most likely try to trade the damaged statue for Ryan Theriot back.
  • Saturday night the Bulls did what they do best by defeating and deflating the Washington Wizards. John Wall checked back in to Reality Town as Derrick Rose showed him how da thugs from Englewood ball. Kirk Hinrich also made his first trip back to the United Center donning a Wizards uniform. He spent the evening reminding us why he is not needed in the NBA  Chicago. He went an astounding 3 for 4 totaling 1 steal, 1 block, and 8 points. And if I'm not mistaken, up until the 4th quarter, he had only even attempted 1 shot. After the game, I knelt down beside my bed, put my hands together, and thanked the Lord that sonuva bitch isn't on the Bulls anymore.
  • The Blab would also like to send a very special shotout to the Chicago Bears on their biggest win of the season Sunday afternoon.


Look out everybody, and I do mean everybody. The Bulls are on a tear, and I don't see this thing slowing down any time soon. Do you see that score?!? 120 to 90. That's one hundred and twenty to ninety. A difference of 30 points. The Warriors are lucky it was only 30. Just wait till Boozer gets back. This team is going to be unstoppable. They WILL finish in the top THREE in the East. Quote me on that. Go ahead. Get a pen and paper. It's ok, I'll wait......Good. Bulls dominated in every single facit of that game last night. If I was a member of the Golden State Warriors, I wouldn't show up for work anymore. I would head straight to the nearest community college, sign up for classes, and begin a new career. If people asked for my employment history, I'd rather say I worked at a dog shelter and spent my days putting puppies to sleep, than say I played basketball for the Warriors. What a great Friday. Bull's win, Heat lost (AGAIN), and there's beer in the fridge. Looks like it's going to be victory chicken for lunch today.

Alexei Ramirez Wins Silver Slugger

AlexeiRamirez.jpg Alexei Ramirez! image by kittykat1294
Alexei Ramirez became the first White Sox shortstop to win the Silver Slugger today. For the season he batted .282 batting average, 18 home runs, 252 total bases and a .431 slugging percentage. He was second with 70 RBIs and third with 165 hits, 83 runs and 29 doubles.

Who would've thought a 6"2 170 pound man from Pinar del Rio, Cuba, that looks like he's been dieting on insects his whole life, would win the Silver Slugger Award for the Chicago White Sox. Congrats Alexei. Job well done. When asked for a comment on receiving the award, the shortstop simply replied with a series of blinks and tongue clicks as flies landed about his face.

Grow Up You Two.

Here's what Joakim Noah had to say about Kevin Garnett on ESPN 1000's Waddle and Silvy Show....

"Kevin Garnett will not -- will not -- get a Christmas gift from me. I don't like him.""He's a very mean guy. Where's the love? None at all. Ugly, too. I had his poster in my room. I used to wear his jersey. And the truth is my rookie year, I was in admiration of this guy, and he kind of shut me down. And he was very mean to me my rookie year. And he's only mean to the young guys and the [European players], for some reason. I don't know why, but that's who he doesn't like. He's not nice. I talk a lot of trash out there, but c'mon, be a little sensitive. Be sweet."
First off, shut up. Both of you. Just shut up. First, Garnett's whole media blown cancer comment towards Piston's Charlie Villanueva, and now this. Secondly, Noah, are you seriously calling somebody else ugly. That's not even the pot calling the kettle black. That's the decayed blood sausage calling the gangrenous scrotum nasty. Joe, I can take this with a grain of salt, A. because you're right, and B. because I know you're a jokester. But you can't start anything like this with that emmotional clown. I think Joakim has got to be the A.J. Pierzinsky of basketball. You love em if you got em, and hate em if you don't. Noah might not have the future Hall of Fame career under his belt that KG has established, but I will say this...This year, and every year moving forward, I'd rather have Joakim on my team that KG. At least Noah has some credentials (and balls) to backup his mouth. If you don't know Joakim Noah or don't understand his brutal, sometimes humorous, honesty; take a look at the video below.

Eat A Fart Phil Jackson

..and I mean that with the utmost respect. Phil Jackson was quoted as saying that the Miami Heat could break the Bulls 72 and 10 record. Thanks for the love Phil. Thank you for not defending the greatest team in NBA history that YOU COACHED! I don't mind it comming from the mouths of the critics, but you, that hurts. Who cares if you think the Heat will beat the record?!?You don't actually come out and admit it when it was YOUR TEAM. I wonder if he even realizes that his current Laker team is favored OVER the Miami Heat to win it all. I just don't get this little vendeta Phil's seems to have ever since he left Chicago. It's like if I come up with the greatest invention of all time, and shortly thereafter say, "eh, somebody will probably do it better.' What a jerk. Who do the Laker's play tonight? Denver? Ok, GO NUGGETS!!!!!

Fukudome Is Bad At Baseball AND Life

Kosuke Fukudome apparently just purchased a $1.32 million condo off of Lake Shore Drive. Not too smart, dumb-ass. Apparently, you and your wife must be the only Cub fans in Chicago that don't know your team is desperately trying to rid you from this city. You see Kosuke, in American sports it goes like this...If you're awesome they want to keep you around, and if you play like, well...you, they try to get you the hell out of dodge. Do you understand now? So for future reference, to be clear, next time you are not wanted in a city, DO NOT purchase a home there. That's like buying a skateboard 2 days before you're going in for leg amputation surgery.

Paul Konerko Will Not Be A White Sock Next Season.

No, this is not fact. This is simply one man's thoughts. If Paul Konerko was going to be back next season, Kenny Williams would've already made an offer to him during the restricted free agent period. Instead, there haven't been any talks of a new contract. Kenny is always willing to look to the future and move on past fan favorites. I don't think Pauly will be any exception. Just look at Joe Crede, Jermain Dye, Tadahito Iguchi, Frank Thomas, Juan Uribe, Scott Podsednick, Jim Thome. Kenny doesn't care if these guys appeal to the crowd. Doing what the fan's want doesn't always make you a winning team. I fully anticipate Paul Konerko to be in a different uniform next season. From a baseball standpoint, I think that is probably what's best for both sides.

Sandburg Candidate for Phillies AAA Gig

Jim Hendry must've really pissed this guy off. He said F U to returning to the Cubs farm system because he wanted to find a job on a major league roster. Now all reports are saying that he's in the running to become the next AAA manager for the Phillies. Bottom line, he doesn't want anything to do with Jim Hendry's back stabbing ways and I don't blame the man.

They say that any U.S. citizen can get a law passed through legistlation. Does anybody know how I can go about making it illegal for Jim Hendry to have any affiliation with the game of baseball what-so-ever? And if Hendry were to try to come in contact with the game, the punishment wouldn't be jail time or community service. It would be a capitol punishment. What? A man can dream, can't I? Land of the free, home of the brave. Ooh Rah!

In Honor Of Joakim Noah's Improved Shooting...

Winning Is Fun

Boy was that nice for a change. Good, solid effort by the Bulls. Taj Gibson, Noah, Rose, all looked great. It's astonishing how different this team can look without Rose on the court. He seems to be thee ONLY player that can drive through the lane, and this becomes more and more evident every game.

On another note, I can only hope and pray that this game was enough to motivate Carmelo to demand a trade to Chicago. He's said Chicago was one of the top spots he would want to play for. Getting beat by the team you want to be on must only enhance that feeling. This is what he had to say before the game...

"I don't want to say this in the wrong way and then ya'll take it," he began. "But anybody would love to play with a guy like Derrick Rose. A young point guard, young star, [who] gets the ball up and down the court. He's improved his game every year. You got a young big man in [Joakim] Noah. You got [Carlos] Boozer, right now Boozer's hurt, but they've got a good team right now."

I don't know about you guys, but this clearly sounds to me like this man wants to be on the Bulls. He knows that his presence would almost certainly make the Bulls title contenders. Unfortunately, this is not up to Carmelo. It's up to both front offices. Salary cap complications is going to make this trade next to impossible,  but you never know. If he wants to be in Chicago bad enough, I'm sure it'll find a way to happen. Hell, the Bears got Cutler as a quarterback, so anything's possible.

Buehrle Has Another Glove of Gold.

According to Chicagobreakingsports.com...

Buehrle received plenty of national recognition for his play April 5 when he retrieved a ball hit by Cleveland's Lou Marson that caromed off his leg and bounced into foul territory, only for Buehrle to retrieve and flip the ball between his legs to first base to retire Marson.
Buehrle picked off a major-league-best 11 runners in 2010 after nailing eight in '09, and his pickoff move was the subject of a May 26 controversy in which umpire Joe West ejected manager Ozzie Guillen and Buehrle in separate incidents after balk calls against Buehrle.

Apparently this story leaked when Mark's wife Jamie made the announcement on her facebook page. Good for Mark Buehrle. He's a good guy that's had a good career. He's the kind of man I would share my Busch Light with. It's a shame all those great Chuck Norris jokes weren't saved for him. If you don't know what "Chuck Norris jokes" I'm talking about, do us all a favor and leave this country.

Nuggets / Bulls 7:05 Tonight

It would be nice if I could write about Carmelo Anthony playing his old team tonight. Instead, he still may be facing his future team tonight. (Doubt it though) I won't even make any predictions. Who knows with this team. This comming from behind stuff is getting old in a hurry. Seems to be a bit of a trend around here to put yourself down 21 points in the second half, then battle all the way back, take a short lead, and then let it slip away just in time to lose the game. The Bulls currently sit with a record of 2 and 3. They could EASILY be 4 and 1. They need to start beating some of the better teams out there if they want to start to be taken seroiusly in this league. Tonight would be an excellent time to start against Denver. Bulls are favored by 3 in this game. If I were a betting man....ah what the hell. Take it. I say the Bulls win by 5. Just don't hold me to it. Right now, the Bulls are as predictable as the weather atop Mount Everest. (Sorry, that was stupid)

One Punch In The Face For Rose, 3 For Noah, and 13 For Officials

Bulls Vs Celtics Friday Night
Why you ask? Derrick had a chance to win the game at the end of regulation and lost control of the ball. Not a good way to raise your game.

What in the hell was Joakim thinking bringing the ball down the court with guards to his left and right?!?! Game was on the line. Dumb Dumb Dumb.

Officiating was despicable. Absolutely one sided and atrocious. Incorrect offensive fouls called against the Bulls time and time again. Sad thing to watch. You wanna see how fixed bad NBA officiating is? Watch this video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vaZIAXJJDKQ

Oh My Lawd!!!!!

Me Confused.

I didn't want to post anything else until my blood stopped boiling, and I could write with a clear mind. That still doesn't look like it's going to happen. My problem here is with Tom Thibodeau. I have a few senarios as to why Deng, Rose, and Noah were on the bench with the team down by 8 with just 2 minutes left in the game, after resting most of the fourth, and the stadium chanting "we want rose!"....

1.) He legitimately was pissed at them for their lack of defense, allowing NY to score at will, and was sending a message.
2.) He was secretly resting them because he was happy with taking a knee and losing this blowout game. No reason to expend all that energy trying to win against the Knicks, when you have to play Boston (His former team) the following night, and he would rather win big in Boston.
3.) He's an absolute moron that thought it would be better to play with the bench the majority of the fourth quarter.

If senario 2 or senario 3 are true, I'm going to be a very very very angry little boy. After the game, Joakim Noah said he felt like they were being sent a message by the coach. Deep down, I feel like that is the case. I understand the starters weren't getting the job done earlier in the game, but now, you have well-rested starters, 2 minutes to go, and you're only down by EIGHT!!! OK coach, you got your point across, now put them in and win this thing!!! Why would you cost us a game just to make a point. Not smart Thibs. Not smart at all.
On another note, at least I was right about the Korver thing. He had an awesome game shooting 7 for 10 and 4 for 6 behind the 3 point line for 18 points. I apologize for being as wrong as animal cruelty about the Bulls winning this game in a landslide, but let's be honest, did ANYBODY actually expect the starters to get benched, and NY to shoot an insane 16 for 24 from the 3? Didn't think so.

Amazed it was even this close with your heads in your asses.

Good news, bad news. Good news...the Bulls didn't lose this game. Bad news...THEIR HEAD COACH DID!!! I've seen better performances on MTV's 'The Hills'. More to come tomorrow morning. I need Jack Dawson to cut these handcuffs before I drown in my own tears.

D-Rose Is Bigger Than T.V.

No, I don't mean an actuall T.V. I'm talking about television in general. When asked about missing his taping in New York City for CBS' show "The Good Wife" on Tuesday here's what he had to say...

"Oh my God, I overslept. It's nothing big. You can ask anybody I work with was I a problem on set or did I have a problem showing up? I always show up early. I'm sorry I missed it. That's not my character where I big-time that type of show. If anything, I'd love to be on that show. They put a whole another twist on the story where (a driver) was ringing my (door)bell or somebody came out and said I wasn't going in a disrepectful way. It wasn't nothing like that. We had a game (Monday) night, Rose said. We went to go eat. After that, you have to wake up at 6 a.m. to catch a flight? That's tough, definitely tough."

Mr. Rose shouldn't ever have to explain himself like this. If I were a member of the media and I was questioning Derrick about this, I would be perfectly fine with the following response..."Why wasn't I there?!?! Because I'm Derrick friggen Rose. That's why! How about you mind your damn business?!? If they're so concerned about getting me on their T.V. show, they can fly the set out here and film me! And they damn well better change the name from "The Good Wife" to The Derrick Rose Show!"...Yeah, that'd be just fine by me. I'd respond with "Yes Sir, Mr. Rose. I'm very sorry for disrespecting you. Please allow me to punch myself in the eye socket as a token of my penance."


Bulls are favored by 7 tonight at home. If I were a betting man, I would take that spread. The Bulls are perfect at home thus far and I expect them to stay that way. By nights end, I fully anticipate the Bulls to be 3 and 1, and the Knicks to be 1 and 3. Kind of funny the Bulls and Knicks are the only teams in the Eastern Conference to have only played 3 games so far; yet, the Bulls are also in first place in the Eastern Central. First place in the Central division is where I expect them to be the rest of the year. What a shame they don't have Boozer. They would be just plain filthy good with him. Expect a big game from Amar'e Stoudemire tonight from the Knicks. He will also be a big presence in the paint, so expect the Bulls to do a lot of shooting. I forsee a good game from Korver. Deng should have another real good one if he can knock down the shots, and you can put Rose down for about 22 points and 7 or 8 assists. This game should be a blowout as long as we can hit our shots.

The Bulls overall through 3 games - B

Omer Asik - Still rather impressed with hussel. Needs to learn though, this is not Turkey. You can not hit people whenever you feel like it. Stay out of foul trouble.
Keith Bogans - You'd think somebody that's been in the league 7 years would know how to be effective at putting a ball through a hoop.
Carlos Boozer - Get well soon. Please!
Ronnie Brewer - Rose and Deng are eventually going to need some help at some point. Please assist.
Luol Deng - Longest tenured Bull. Rough first 2. Need to realize you're the go to guy when Rose is sitting. Hope things keep up like they were against Portland.
Taj Gibson - Has a real veteran presence even though only in year 2. No sophmore slump thus far. Keep up the hustle.
James Johnson - Where did you come from? Not sure if you are becomming a real asset to this team, or quality trade bait for the Carmelo deal. Either way. I'm loving it.
Kyle Korver - Great preseason. Terrible start. Great at finding the open shot comming of the screen, terrible at knocking it down thus far. We can live and die by your threes.
Joakim Noah - What can I say about this monster? Double-Double night in and night out. Worked his way to one of the top 3 centers in the league. Couldn't ask for much else except maybe a better post up game. But that's what Boozer is for.
Derrick Rose - I got goosebumps in the game against Detroit when he's at the free thrown line and the UC is chanting "MVP MVP MVP!" Like Derrick said "why not him?" He's really starting to come out of his shell and realize that he IS (i don't care what ANYBODY says) the best point guard in the league. Keep working on that 3 point shot and you'll be putting up 30+ pts a game. Guarenteed.
Brian Scalabrine - Coach on the court. Love this guy. Good energy. Takes his roll seriously even when no one takes him seroius. Seems to be a good replacement for Brad Miller. Has a championship ring, has played with great players, and knows what it takes to win.
Kurt Thomas - A good minute eater during blow-out games. Big body to attack the boards. Good veteran experience.
C.J. Watson - Waaaaay to streaky. Needs to be more consistent and play with more confidence. I'm not impressed through the first 3 games what-so-ever.
Coach Thibodeau - Holds players accountable. Definitely not a pushover like Skiles and Del Negro. The emphasis on defense has paid dividends, but he must not forget the importance of a good offense. Move the ball, create an open shot, DO NOT force shots. There's been way too much of that going on. Have to execute better in the 4th quarter and maintain energy for all 48 minutes. I love the intensity. Seems to have a good feel for substitutions.

Jumbotron at Wrigley?

Cubs.com is taking a survey to determine customer satisfaction and improvements that can be made in and around the ball park. One such suggestion is..."Wrigley Field does not currently incorporate a video replay board. If a video board does not impact or obscure the current center-field scoreboard, would you be in favor of a video replay board to bring you replays and game content?"
- Opposed
- In Favor
- Indifferent

...I wish "go to hell" was a viable option to select. That's like putting a chandelier in a haunted house. Wrigley doesn't need a big screen. Wrigley Field is special, in a sense, because of the things it lacks. (Kind of like Heidi Montag and a brain) Besides, more improvements at Wrigley means more money out of fan's pockets. As if $6.50 isn't enough already for a damn Old Style. How bout you install URINALS for the men. I thank God I'm not a female or child every time I go to Wrigley. I couldn't imagine what the conditions are like for them every time they need to drain the bladder. I mean, if the Rickett's are all about 'getting with the times', how about you make us stop knocking elbows while pissing in a metal tub. Wrigley doesn't need a Jumbotron, it just needs to crawl out of the 19th century.

WAIT A MINUTE!!!...I GOT IT!!!...I think what the fans truly care most about is the product ON THE FIELD. So how about you let the fans do a survey on what they think of the job being done by ownership and the general manager (particularly in relation to payroll). Maybe then it'll be seen what's actually wrong with this organization. No nevermind. That makes too much sense.


Wow. No sooner than approximately 4 hours after I wrote about Kenny Williams signing geriatrics, he decided to resign 44 year old Omar Vizquel to a $1.75 million, one year deal. Omar hit a very respectable .276/.341/.331 in 391 plate appearances for the White Sox this past season.

In relating news, Kenny also offered contracts to 85 year old left fielder Minnie Minoso, 76 year old Luis Aparicio to backup Omar at shortstop, and 63 year old Carlton Fisk to fill the void behind the plate. Team warmups will now consist of different variations of physical therapy, and there will be free pudding in the clubhouse following every home win. The jury is still out on batting practice. Many members of the White Sox have been complaining that "those young punks just throw that ball too damn fast."

Teams That Have Sucked The Longest

SeasonsTeamLast championship
102Chicago Cubs1908
62Cleveland Indians1948
50Texas Rangers (Washington Senators)never (franchise started in 1961)
49Houston Astros (Houston Colt .45s)never (franchise started in 1962)
42Milwaukee Brewers (Seattle Pilots)never (franchise started in 1969)
42San Diego Padresnever (franchise started in 1969)
42Washington Nationals (Montreal Expos)never (franchise started in 1969)
34Seattle Marinersnever (franchise started in 1977)
31Pittsburgh Pirates1979
27Baltimore Orioles1983
26Detroit Tigers1984
25Kansas City Royals1985
24New York Mets1986
22Los Angeles Dodgers1988
21Oakland Athletics1989
20Cincinnati Reds1990
19Minnesota Twins1991
18Colorado Rockiesnever (franchise started in 1993)
17Toronto Blue Jays1993
15Atlanta Braves1995
13Tampa Bay Raysnever (franchise started in 1998)
9Arizona Diamondbacks2001
8Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim2002
7Florida Marlins2003
5Chicago White Sox2005
4St. Louis Cardinals2006
3Boston Red Sox2007
2Philadelphia Phillies2008
1New York Yankees2009
--San Francisco Giants2010

Happy Free Agency Day...

The San Francisco Giants were able to do what many teams seem to be doing these days, except the Cubs....end a championship drought. So a tip of the cap to them. With the never ending baseball season finally in the books, today marks the official beginning of free agency. In other words...today marks the day Jim Hendry will spend the next several months finding the improper fit at first base for the Cubs, along with unsuccessfully trading Fukudome, not adding a solid arm in the rotation, and not fix the constantly ignored hole at 2nd base. Rest assured, whatever free agents he does land, they will be grossly overpaid, and given no-trade clauses which will clog up the payroll and farm system for years to come.

Today also marks the day Kenny Williams will begin his search for the next big washed up player whose career he will try to revive. To his credit, sometimes it actually works. (Omar Vizquel) It drives me absolutely bananas how frequently he tries to fit squares into circles by bringing up no-name underdeveloped talent too soon, then trading them away, and signing old players that other teams just won't give a chance. It's like he wants people to say "what is he thinking?!?" so that if it does pan out, he'll look like a genious.

Who knows what this off season has in store. Should be interesting none the less.


If you take a gander below, you clearly will see yet another correct prediction regarding last night's Bull's game. Portland walked in undefeated and left with a fresh notch in the loss column. Da Bull's did a fantabulous job shutting down Brandon Roy, Andre Miller, and Rudy Fernandez. LaMarcus Aldridge was a monster, putting up 33 points and grabbing 9 boards. (For the Record, in 2006 the Bulls traded the draft rights for Aldridge AND a future second round pick to Portland for Tyrus Thomas. You can thank the genious of John Paxson for that shit-show.)

Speaking of monsters. How bout' that Luol Deng character. I guess we can put to bed the whole "off to a slow start" business. He set a career high 40 points, going 3 for 5 behind the arc. It was also nice to see Kyle Korver knock down a few jumpers for a change. D-Rose finally got a little break, not having to carry the team on his shoulders (16 pts 5 reb). He managed to dish out a career high 13 assists. Yesterday was a very solid team effort. As a writer from Yahoo sports said last week..."if there was a GPA in basketball, the Bull's would have the highest average in the league." Next up on the kill list is the New York Knicks, Thursday in Chicago. Consider that one a lock as well.

Here's Some Boring News

Pat Listach will be hired as the Cubs new bench coach, replacing Alan Trammell. Trammell joined Kirk Gibon's staff over in Arizona. Listach has always been a favorite of Jim Hendry, and was even considered for the head manager position. I won't continue to bore you any longer. So here is a link to a video that demonstrates why you kids should not be allowed to play with matches... http://www.break.com/index/fire-explodes-in-little-kids-face-1945341

In 9 hours the Bulls will be 2 and 1

My miracle Bulls (see: Piston's game Saturday night) play tonight on TNT against borderline scary Greg Oden and the Portland Trail Blazers. Portland comes into the UC tonight as one of the few undefeated teams thus far at 3 and 0. If I was a betting man, I'd bet the bank that Portland leaves town at 3 and 1.
But back to Greg Oden. Seriously. Have you seen this gargoyle? He's only 22 years old, yet looks like he's spent the past 54 years digging ditches in Namibia. He could have a charity set up in his name FOR HIM. Help raise money for Greg Oden's new face. Call it The Greg Oden Ugly Face Foundation for Greg Oden. He looks like an actual Neaderthal. Just google it. You'll see. Speaking of Ugly people, I hope everyone had a great Halloween. I know I did.

Ozzie for Stanton? DO IT...DO IT NOW!

There’s been some talk about Mike Stanton (Florida Marlins) being sent to the White Sox in exchange for Ozzie Guillen. Ozzie would, of course, assume the role of team manager. If Kenny Williams has any type of brain matter remaining in his skull, he NEEDS to do this. Mike Stanton is probably one of the top 2 or 3 prospects in all of baseball. He’s already proven he’s got what it takes in the major leagues. Money certainly won’t be an issue. Stanton isn’t even arbitration eligible for another year or two. I’m not going to go on and on about this. It’s as simple as this: You’re getting a top prospect. Your shedding salary by dumping Ozzie. Kenny and Ozzie already have had enough of each other so why wait?!? Ozzie LIVES IN MIAMI. Ozzie’s contract is up after the 2011 season and probably won’t be back anyways. I can’t think of a single reason for this to NOT happen. It’s as if the Marlins are saying to the White Sox, “OK, we’ll trade you this $100 dollar bill for your crinkled up $1 bill.” They must know something about Stanton that the rest of us don’t, to want to dump him off to the White Sox. Maybe he has fake legs and the lease is up on them this December? Perhaps he’s suffering from Benjamin Button’s disease? Yea that must be it. He’s only 20 and is THIS talented. He has GOT to be reverse aging. Never mind everything else I wrote earlier. Don’t do it White Sox! You don’t want a 7 year playing outfield for you some time down the road.

Bulls/Thunder Qtr 4

8:33 in 4th-OKC 86 Bulls 85...too close for comfort. Again, Derrick just needs to take control and stamp his name on the NBA. No more fouls, swing the ball, find the open man. More importantly, WIN THIS DAMN GAME!!!!!
6:46- you could give Rosie O'donnell the ball and I don't think this game could get uglier.
3:55-I haven't seen a sloppier gyro at this point right now. No excuse. Let's friggen go!!!!!
2:00-It's over. Way to fold. Had this one and decided to eat a fart instead. Thanks for the letdown Bulls.OKC-100 91-Bulls.
0:00- Just cuz you're from Chicago doesn't mean you have to give up and lose on a 15-4 run. Leave that to the Bears. PLEASE!!! Thanks for nothin...jerks.

Bulls/Thunder Qtr 3

Timeout 6:30- Damnit Derrick. Layoff the fouls. Stopping Westbrook is key. Keep up tempo on offense without Derrick-4 fouls, and dominate boards, game is ours. Bulls-66 OKC-63 Luol Deng needs to step up with Derrick out in foul trouble.

Time for cold beer. Stay tuned.

End of third- 82-82. As I mentioned way earlier, Rose would have a 30+ game. He sat out most the 3rd and still is at 24. If Derrick can lay off the fouls in the 4th, and Noah can play like he's got a pair, this game is a W.

Bulls/Thunder 2nd Qtr

Timeout-Still too sloppy. Layoff the fouls. CJ Watson looks great. Loving Korver in there to threaten from the outside. Derrick needs to dominate Lebron Style. More offensive rebound needed. Need more aggressiveness out of Noah. 43-OKC 42-Bulls mid 2nd Qtr
2:48 in 2nd...great pressure on D. Good ball movement on offense. Joakim seems off. Can't put my finger on it. Keep the pressure on, and keep the crowd out of it. 50-49. Bulls with lead

Halftime...waaaaay too many fouls by Bulls. "Kill them" is a figure of speech in sports. Be aggressive, not stupid. Take balanced shots and STOP WESTBROOK! OKC-59 Bulls-54.

Bulls / Thunder

At first timeout- Bulls shooting 69%. Gibson playing like a vet. Rose scores at will. Durant is a tall freak of nature that can hit a field goal from anywhere he so chooses. Bulls 18 OKC 15

2nd timeout- Too many sloppy turnovers. Bulls need more offensive rebounds. Derrick needs to stay out of foul trouble and he'll put up 30+ tonight. Do not let their momentum and fans control the game.

End of first- need more offensive rebounds. Find a way to control Durant. No more sloppy play. Control the tempo. OKC-30 Bulls-25

Ozzie Guillen Back on FOX

Ozzie will be back on FOX this year alongside Eric Karros, and Chris Rose doing World Series analysis. I have a better idea. Why don't they put a goose in a duffle bag, slam it against the ground a few times, then put a microphone up to the bag to hear what kind of noises will be comming out? I'm sorry. That was mean. I've been trying my best to avoid all that ridiculous Cubs/Sox hatred, but lets be honest here. Ozzie isn't exactly 'easy listening'. If it's any consolation, I wouldn't want Lou Piniella doing any analysis either. It's like listening to a late stage alzheimer's sufferer trying to remember how to say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.


I know I typically should stick to Cubs, Sox, and Bulls on this page. But last night's epic collapse of the new "big three" is just too great of an opportunity to pass up. I was most impressed by the Heat's 9 total first quarter points. I think the one legged cross-eyed kid from 3rd grade was able to do that by himself. The schadenfreude that engulfed by body after that game sent me to bed with a smile, and woke me up with a smile. Hell, I even got up at 3 AM to take a pis with a smile. (Definition of Schadenfreude: Pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others.) If the Bulls manage to lose tonight, I can still take solice knowing the Heat lost their opener. Watching the disappointment take over their faces as Ray Allen hit the clutch 3 to seal the deal brought nothing but sheer utter joy to my soul. It was like watching Saddam Hussein get assassinated. Dwayne Wade looked like a lost puppy out there. And Bosh, oh my lawd, what a tag-a-long wannabe somebody. As much as I hate the backstabbing, ruthless prick, I still have to give Lebron some respect for taking over that game in the third. One down, ten to go, until my 95-96 Bulls can continue to reign as the greatest team ever assembled!!!

Thunder: Prepare to be Thunderstuck

4.5 billion years ago, planet Earth was formed. Six million years ago, the first man began walking on two legs. 2010 years ago, a God took human form. 236 years ago, the greatest nation in the world gained it's independence. 119 years ago, a game called basketball was first played. 26 years ago, a man named Michael, on a team called the Chicago Bulls, changed that game forever. And tonight my friends...tonight, those Chicago Bulls usher in a new era of basketball in attempt to restore the game to it's former glory. The path to puttting trophy number 7 in the glass case begins this evening when the Bulls thunderstrike the Oklahoma City Thunder. People say the Bulls will have to climb a mountain to overcome the Thunder tonight. The Bulls don't climb mountains. They plow through them with insurmountable force and glance back only to laugh. Kevin Durant? Russel Westbrook? Who gives a damn?!?! Only one name needs to be mentioned here. Derrick Rose.

Tipoff is at 7:00 PM CT. The nation will be watching on ESPN this evening.

Sleep Easy Children

The Bulls decided to pick up the club options on Derrick Rose, Taj Gibson, and James Johnson for the 2011-2012 season. I know many of you were frantic about this, but fear not. JJ is here to save the day for at least the next two years. Word on the street is that the Bulls tried to schedule a one hour special on ESPN entitled "The Decision" to make this anouncement. Unfortunately, they were informed by the network some other ballooned-ego toolbag has already done this. The network also mentioned they would rather air a one hour special on using maggot therapy to treat eye infection, than make that mistake again.

Love It.

Well here we are folks. No, not just another dreadful Monday. Here we are on the brink of the 2010-2011 NBA season. I just wanted to take another opportunity to stress how awesome the Bulls are going to be. People severly underestimate this team. Their youth, depth, and talent is top-notch. I'd like to thank the Chicago Bears for, at one point, going 4 and 1 and building a bridge to take me from baseball season to basketball.
The Bulls have until Nov 1st to decide if they want to pick up the 3rd year option on James Johnson. Johnson has not shown any value until this preseason. That said, who knows, he made become a valuable trading piece used to land the one more player the Bulls need to put them over the top. Vegas has the over/under on the total season wins at 46.5. This just goes to show how underrated they are. Vegas has the Bucks at 45.5. The Bulls are easily more than 1 win better than the Bucks. I'd say they are a 50+ win team. Just look at the teams in their division that they are going to destroy...Bucks, Pistons, Cavaliers, and Pacers. Consider the 4 seed a lock. Just wait till Boozer gets back. Then you'll really see how dominant the Bulls are going to be. I'm going to like this starting lineup...Rose, Boozer, Deng, Noah, Brewer. (Although, don't be surprised to see Korver starting along side Rose after a month or so.)

Side note: Miami is only favored by 1 to open the season in Boston. As much as I hate the Celtics, I'm praying for a blowout in Garden by the men in green. Get used to hearing about how much the Heat are hated by this guy. ::points 2 thumbs at self:: I haven't hated a team this much since the Knicks of the 90's. (No, I did not forget about you St. Louis Cardinals)

How do your tears taste Pacers?

What can I say? When you're good, your good. My Chicago Bulls covered the 7.5 spread as I clearly predicted below. Not only did they cover by 7.5, the onslaught finished at 102-74. For those of you still in preschool, that's a 28 point difference. And for those of you from Indiana, HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I wasn't kidding about that ham sandwich thing. The only good thing to come out of Indiana is lake effect snow on Christmas eve. Yes I did!
You may be wondering why there is a picture of a ham sandwich above. Well, it's because this article is about the Pacers. And quite honestly, this ham sandwich itself is roughly 13 times cooler than the pacers. The spread for tonights game is Bulls at -7.5. THIS WILL COVER. I have scientific proof that I am right about this. Here are my findings....The Pacer's suck and I hate them. Sorry if I used too many technical words for you. Allow me to put this in layman's terms....THE PACER'S SUCK AND I HATE THEM; THEREFORE, WILL LOSE TO THE BULLS BY 8 OR MORE POINTS TONIGHT. The Bull's will be playing without a sick Joakim Noah, but that's ok. Kyle Korver will be back in the lineup, working his 3 point magic, after sitting out last game with a booboo on his ankle. I aplogize if I ruined the game for you by already giving away the ending, but science doesn't lie.

Omer Got Served.

What. The. Hell. Is. That?!?!?!? A technical foul?!?! For that?!? So what happens if you give the referee the finger? Does he pull out a double-barreled shotgun and blow your head off? I understand the NBA is cracking down on foul complaints. It's a great idea to stop 3 year olds like Kirk "I didn't do it" Hinrich from throwin temper tantrums, but this...this is just terrible. I will say, you've got to love Omer Asik's reaction. It was like a kid that spilled his milk at the dinner table and was anticipating the wrath of his father's backhand. I wonder if he cried at some point after the game. I hope that ref feels good about himself. What a Nancy. If I were Omer Asik, I would've turned around and screamed "Oh yeah? Technical foul this!". Then chuck the ball at his nut sack.

Hendry welcomes Sandberg back to Iowa. (Sort of)

Apparently Jimbo the Clown has welcomed Ryne Sandberg to remain the Triple-A Iowa manager. But of course, in typical Dungbag fashion, this was news to Ryne Sandburg.

""I was unaware that they wanted me back until I heard it from you," Sandberg said by phone Wednesday from his home in Phoenix. "I guess it is an option. I'm going to take my time and see what is out there.""

Do I even need to comment on this? Doesn't it all just go without saying? Hendry basically bribed Sandberg into managing the Single-A Cubs before the 2007 season. Sandberg called his bluff, took the job, and triumphently worked his way to the 2010 Pacific Coast League AAA manager of the year award. Hendry then proceeded to toy with Mr. Sandberg, all but convincing him the Cub manager job was his. Then, in the blink of an eye, yanks it all out from underneath him, only to leave a deflated backstabbed carcus floating in the water. Apparently, all is well in the world of Jim Hendry though. Because you see, he was gracious enough to reward Sandberg for his years of hard work by letting him know he can waste away back in the minors for as long as he so chooses. Now Jim (dungbag) Hendry of course didn't have the testerone levels in his system to inform Sandberg of this directly. He just leaked it through the media and allowed Sandberg to find out on his own. If I was Ryne Sandberg, I would pull a Tonya Harding on his ass. Just sayin...

Welcome to Chicago Melo'?

As many of you know, just a few short weeks ago trade talks were flying around involving the possibility of Carmelo Anthony coming to Chicago. The only way this appeared to be possible was with Joakim Noah being involved in any type of trade. Joakim is now locked up in a 5 year $60 million deal. So all possibility of Carmelo playing in the house of Jordan is gone by the wayside, right? Not exactly. According to ESPN...

"The source also cautioned that the Chicago Bulls remained in the Melo mix, although the contract extension Chicago reached earlier this month with Joakim Noah would preclude him from being included in any deal the Bulls would put together for Anthony."

This makes me smile. If Denver sends us Carmelo, they will also be sending us a guarenteed shot at the 2010-2011 championship. I was all against this trade when it involved Noah going away, but with Jo locked up, Gar Forman better find a way to pull the trigger on this one. I'd imagine it would involve a combination of Taj Gibson, (Luol Deng?), and a number of future draft picks. Imagine this potential starting lineup...Derrick Rose, Carmelo Anthony, Joakim Noah, Carlos Boozer, and Luol Deng. Holy Hell. I need to stop typing. I keep drooling onto my keyboard, and getting goosebumps in front of my coworkers is a bit awkward.

You'll Laugh. Trust Me.


WHY JIM WHY?!?!?!?

Jim Hendry (who no longer deserves to be called Jim Hendry. From this day forward I will only call him Dungbag) decided to follow through with my prophecy and not wait for Joe Girardi. A somber news conference will be held at 3 PM today to announce the hiring of Mike Quade as the next Cub's manager. He's been offered a 2 year deal with a 3rd year team option. It's nothing personal against Mike Quade. I'm fine with him as manager. But I'd be much more fine with World Series winner Joe Girardi. Just trying to drive home a point about what a waste of human flesh Dungbag really is. Soriano's contract, Zambrano's contract, Fukudome, MILTON-GODDAMN-BRADLEY, (to name a few!) AND NOW THIS?!?!?!?! Why Dungbag? Tell me why you could not wait!!! The Yankees are approaching the cusp of being eliminated. It's not like you're going to have to wait a month just to say "Hey Joe, you interested in the Cub job?" We might be talking 3 damn days here!!! Dungbad needs to lose his job and lose it fast!!!

Now that that is out of my system. Congratulations to Mike Quade. I think you're a great guy that will do fine with this young core the Cub's are ushering in. I wish you all the best. I'd say 'I hope you don't lose your hair over this job' but....Good luck Mike.

White Sox Hire Benny Binion Jr.

Sorry about the typo. Make that 'Pete Rose Jr.' The White sox have hired him to manage Rookie League-Bristol (Va.) of the Appalachian League. I guess this is refering to the Bristol Sox. (http://www.minorleaguebaseball.com/index.jsp?sid=t557) So what does this mean for the White Sox? I'm willing to bet - not a whole lot. In fact, I bet that Rose Jr. will never manage in the big leagues. I guess it's just a gamble the White Sox are willing to take. But who knows? Maybe in a few years, this will be a decision that will pay off when the Kenny and Ozzie saga finally folds.
In case you were interested in Pete Rose Jr.'s potential Hall of Fame career...in 1997 in 16 plate appearances he compiled an astonishing .143 BA .250 OBP .143 SLG .393 OPS. to go along with 9 Strikeouts. In other words, don't bet the house on this thing working out.

In other White Sox news, Joey Cora is set to interview for the Milwaulkee Brewers managerial vacancy today. (Good luck beating out Bob Brenly...chump.)

Bulls Get Slaughtered.

Orlando Magic 105. Chicago Bulls 67.
No. My keyboard is not broken. No, I do not suffer from some sort of neurological disorder forcing me to type those numbers. You read them correctly. Orlando Magic 105, Chicago Bulls 67. I know it's preseason, but Christ on a cracker, that is heinous. I'm pretty sure by half time the entire roster was asking coach Thibodeau, "Can we be done now?!? Plllleeeaassee?!?!"...Like kids at the dinner table. I've seen better performance by wheel chair basketball teams. I was waiting for Ashton Kutcher to come running out of the tunnel screaming "you just got punked!!!" at the Bulls bench. Or for the tards from college humor to be secretly wearing Kyle Korver and Omer Asik masks. Something, ANYTHING to debunk that horrific "performance." The good news is it could always be worse...I could be writing about the Bears right now.

Weekend Picks - Happy Friday

Bears -6 over Seattle. Last week Todd Collins threw 6 passes to his team, and 4 to the other. Yet somehow Da Bears still pulled out a victory. I believe this Sunday is a given.

NY Giants -10 over Detriot. Pretty sure Giants are back to good. Back to back spankings against the 4-1 Bears and 3-2 Texans should solidify this home game.

Cowboys/Vikings under 44.5. Two lifeless teams going nowhere in a hurry. Couple in Favre's "dead arm" (probably injured during freak sexting texting accident), with Dallas' ineffectivness. The under should be a lock.

Blackhawks/Columbus under 5.5. Because I said so.

Bulls -4 over Dallas Maverics. Do I need to give an explanation. Ok fine. Please refer to the Blackhawks/Columbus pick.

Squeeze it easy folks!

Jim Hendry is dumb. *Update*

All recent implications seem to suggest Jim “I-can-make-a-pb&j-sandwich-with-the-wrong-ingredients” Hendry is in a bit of a rush in finding the newest emperor of Cubdom. Most, if not all, sources seem to agree that the 3 finalists for the Cub’s managerial job have come down to Mike Quade, Ryne Sandberg, and Eric Wedge. Mike Quade has already shocked the North Side compiling a 23-12 record; seemingly proving his worth in his short tenure at the helm. Ryne Sandberg has managed the majority of the young guys this team will be utilizing in the near future. He's coached A, AA, and AAA ball, along with winning Pacific Coast League manager of the year last year. Also adding to his repertoire: 10 All-star selections, Hall of Famer, Cub legend, and familiarity with the organization unlike any other candidate. Eric Wedge seems like an outside shot, but he also apparently is one of the three (final?) candidates to have an interview with owner Tom Ricketts. A 2007 manager of the year winner, with out much else to add, makes it feel like a bad fit to the puzzle.

So now my question is this…Why not Joe Girardi? I wouldn’t expect Joe to leave the Yankees, but the possibility is there. Hendry seems so quick to jump the gun on this decision, because he wants to have a manager in place by the start of the winter meetings in November. Well Jim, do you actually expect Girardi to openly state he’s willing to come to the Cubs in the middle of the Yankee’s playoff run?!?!? How about you sit back for a few, see where Girardi stands when the season is over, AND THEEENNNNN make your decision. If Quade, Sandberg and Wedge don’t feel like waiting around to hear who the big winner is, than hell with em! They obviously didn’t want the job bad enough. This makes me wonder if Hendry sometimes eats his chicken raw, because he doesn’t want to wait for the grill to heat up.

Update- According to Chicagobreakingsports.com...
"Former Cleveland Indians manager Eric Wedge will reportedly take the same post with the Seattle Mariners, according to multiple reports. The Seattle Times and SI.com are both reporting the move. Wedge sat out of baseball this season after managing the Indians for nearly seven seasons and compiling a 561-573 record with the team."
Well then. I guess that takes care of that. Mr. Wedge has no idea the pain, suffering, and anguish he just saved himself from.

Who's winning East? I know who Lebron picks.

The obvious choice for most, if not all, common folk is Miami; followed closely by Boston, Orlando, and then a distant Bulls team. But for us non-common folk that know a thing or two about this Bulls team, and have actually followed them for more than just a drunken Friday night at Bourbon Street...we know the talent this team has. A lot of talented youth, with a little veteran experience sprinkled in, is usually a recipe for success....which is exactly what this team is. Long story short, I pick the a healthy Bulls team to make the Eastern Conference finals. Now, on to their opponent...

I'd be dumb as a Lohan to suggest that the Heat aren't going to be a good great team. Hell, they MAY even finish 73-9. Who knows. But what do they have? Three rottweilers surrounded by a number of chihuahua's. We've already witnessed this preseason what happens when one, if not two of them, go down. In addition to injuries these "Big Three" are going to have to rest at some point during a game, which tells me you are going to see a lot of 10 and 15 point leads quickly shrivel. Not to mention, who wants to set the over/under on when these three major ego's collide? In my opinion, the Bulls have some of the best depth in the league. There are really no sore spots on the team (no pun intended to Boozer's pinkie), and the chemistry already seems to taking shape. Omer Asik, Keith Bogans, C.J. Watson...3 players ALREADY making cases for starting positions - none of which were anticipated to be.

So am I saying the Bulls are better than the Heat? No. Well, well not exactly. (sometimes a pack of hyenas can take down an elephant) But I am saying it's going to be very interesting to see how that Heat team plays out. There are a lot more variables with that team. Moreso than with Chicago. And sometimes those variables can be your own worst enemy. Look how many times in baseball alone you expect a team to just dominate a division only to completely fall apart for whatever reason. (Cubs)

Tune in tomorrow for my weekend picks.