Jumbotron at Wrigley?

Cubs.com is taking a survey to determine customer satisfaction and improvements that can be made in and around the ball park. One such suggestion is..."Wrigley Field does not currently incorporate a video replay board. If a video board does not impact or obscure the current center-field scoreboard, would you be in favor of a video replay board to bring you replays and game content?"
- Opposed
- In Favor
- Indifferent

...I wish "go to hell" was a viable option to select. That's like putting a chandelier in a haunted house. Wrigley doesn't need a big screen. Wrigley Field is special, in a sense, because of the things it lacks. (Kind of like Heidi Montag and a brain) Besides, more improvements at Wrigley means more money out of fan's pockets. As if $6.50 isn't enough already for a damn Old Style. How bout you install URINALS for the men. I thank God I'm not a female or child every time I go to Wrigley. I couldn't imagine what the conditions are like for them every time they need to drain the bladder. I mean, if the Rickett's are all about 'getting with the times', how about you make us stop knocking elbows while pissing in a metal tub. Wrigley doesn't need a Jumbotron, it just needs to crawl out of the 19th century.

WAIT A MINUTE!!!...I GOT IT!!!...I think what the fans truly care most about is the product ON THE FIELD. So how about you let the fans do a survey on what they think of the job being done by ownership and the general manager (particularly in relation to payroll). Maybe then it'll be seen what's actually wrong with this organization. No nevermind. That makes too much sense.


  1. Well played sir, well played!

  2. With a jumbotron they could have concentrated on that guy that fell into the basket at the opener a couple of years back... I think he was retarted or slow