Weekend Recap

  • The Harry Caray statue was damaged outside of Wrigley on Friday when a vehicle accidentally clipped the side of it. Damage was relatively severe, but knowing the Cub's organization, they will most likely try to trade the damaged statue for Ryan Theriot back.
  • Saturday night the Bulls did what they do best by defeating and deflating the Washington Wizards. John Wall checked back in to Reality Town as Derrick Rose showed him how da thugs from Englewood ball. Kirk Hinrich also made his first trip back to the United Center donning a Wizards uniform. He spent the evening reminding us why he is not needed in the NBA  Chicago. He went an astounding 3 for 4 totaling 1 steal, 1 block, and 8 points. And if I'm not mistaken, up until the 4th quarter, he had only even attempted 1 shot. After the game, I knelt down beside my bed, put my hands together, and thanked the Lord that sonuva bitch isn't on the Bulls anymore.
  • The Blab would also like to send a very special shotout to the Chicago Bears on their biggest win of the season Sunday afternoon.

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