Wow. No sooner than approximately 4 hours after I wrote about Kenny Williams signing geriatrics, he decided to resign 44 year old Omar Vizquel to a $1.75 million, one year deal. Omar hit a very respectable .276/.341/.331 in 391 plate appearances for the White Sox this past season.

In relating news, Kenny also offered contracts to 85 year old left fielder Minnie Minoso, 76 year old Luis Aparicio to backup Omar at shortstop, and 63 year old Carlton Fisk to fill the void behind the plate. Team warmups will now consist of different variations of physical therapy, and there will be free pudding in the clubhouse following every home win. The jury is still out on batting practice. Many members of the White Sox have been complaining that "those young punks just throw that ball too damn fast."

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