D-Rose Is Bigger Than T.V.

No, I don't mean an actuall T.V. I'm talking about television in general. When asked about missing his taping in New York City for CBS' show "The Good Wife" on Tuesday here's what he had to say...

"Oh my God, I overslept. It's nothing big. You can ask anybody I work with was I a problem on set or did I have a problem showing up? I always show up early. I'm sorry I missed it. That's not my character where I big-time that type of show. If anything, I'd love to be on that show. They put a whole another twist on the story where (a driver) was ringing my (door)bell or somebody came out and said I wasn't going in a disrepectful way. It wasn't nothing like that. We had a game (Monday) night, Rose said. We went to go eat. After that, you have to wake up at 6 a.m. to catch a flight? That's tough, definitely tough."

Mr. Rose shouldn't ever have to explain himself like this. If I were a member of the media and I was questioning Derrick about this, I would be perfectly fine with the following response..."Why wasn't I there?!?! Because I'm Derrick friggen Rose. That's why! How about you mind your damn business?!? If they're so concerned about getting me on their T.V. show, they can fly the set out here and film me! And they damn well better change the name from "The Good Wife" to The Derrick Rose Show!"...Yeah, that'd be just fine by me. I'd respond with "Yes Sir, Mr. Rose. I'm very sorry for disrespecting you. Please allow me to punch myself in the eye socket as a token of my penance."

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