The Bulls overall through 3 games - B

Omer Asik - Still rather impressed with hussel. Needs to learn though, this is not Turkey. You can not hit people whenever you feel like it. Stay out of foul trouble.
Keith Bogans - You'd think somebody that's been in the league 7 years would know how to be effective at putting a ball through a hoop.
Carlos Boozer - Get well soon. Please!
Ronnie Brewer - Rose and Deng are eventually going to need some help at some point. Please assist.
Luol Deng - Longest tenured Bull. Rough first 2. Need to realize you're the go to guy when Rose is sitting. Hope things keep up like they were against Portland.
Taj Gibson - Has a real veteran presence even though only in year 2. No sophmore slump thus far. Keep up the hustle.
James Johnson - Where did you come from? Not sure if you are becomming a real asset to this team, or quality trade bait for the Carmelo deal. Either way. I'm loving it.
Kyle Korver - Great preseason. Terrible start. Great at finding the open shot comming of the screen, terrible at knocking it down thus far. We can live and die by your threes.
Joakim Noah - What can I say about this monster? Double-Double night in and night out. Worked his way to one of the top 3 centers in the league. Couldn't ask for much else except maybe a better post up game. But that's what Boozer is for.
Derrick Rose - I got goosebumps in the game against Detroit when he's at the free thrown line and the UC is chanting "MVP MVP MVP!" Like Derrick said "why not him?" He's really starting to come out of his shell and realize that he IS (i don't care what ANYBODY says) the best point guard in the league. Keep working on that 3 point shot and you'll be putting up 30+ pts a game. Guarenteed.
Brian Scalabrine - Coach on the court. Love this guy. Good energy. Takes his roll seriously even when no one takes him seroius. Seems to be a good replacement for Brad Miller. Has a championship ring, has played with great players, and knows what it takes to win.
Kurt Thomas - A good minute eater during blow-out games. Big body to attack the boards. Good veteran experience.
C.J. Watson - Waaaaay to streaky. Needs to be more consistent and play with more confidence. I'm not impressed through the first 3 games what-so-ever.
Coach Thibodeau - Holds players accountable. Definitely not a pushover like Skiles and Del Negro. The emphasis on defense has paid dividends, but he must not forget the importance of a good offense. Move the ball, create an open shot, DO NOT force shots. There's been way too much of that going on. Have to execute better in the 4th quarter and maintain energy for all 48 minutes. I love the intensity. Seems to have a good feel for substitutions.

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