Monday Aftnoon Headlines.

Mr. 3 pointer, Kyle Korver, will not be around for at least the beginning of the annual circus trip (starting Tues in Houston). Apparently he has a boo-boo in his knee and is getting an MRI sometime soon. There are no other details than that. I’m sure we’ll find out more once the MRI is complete.

Fun facts:
  • Did you know at one point, the Bulls had lost 37 straight circus trip games? That’s right folks. 37. That’s almost half a season’s worth of consecutive losses. You'd think they would be called the "Detroit Bulls", because everything in Detroit sucks.
  • Last year, Joakim Noah discovered from the media why the annual road trip is called the “circus trip.” ….Answer: Because the Ringling Bros., Barnum & Bailey Circus moves into the United Center for about two weeks, forcing the Bulls and Blackhawks to hit the road. Here was Joakim’s response to that…”“That’s why they call it the circus trip?” Noah said. “I was like, ‘Why do they always call it the circus trip? What’s so circus about it?’ I didn’t even know that.””  Gotta love Jo.

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