Kings Were Dethroned

Bulls 96, Kings 85. Bulls were absolutely owned the first half, and absolutely did the owning in the second half. Bulls outscored Sacremento 52 to 28 in the final 2 periods. In my opinion, the Kings did a really good job shutting down Derrick Rose. You might say "but didn't Derrick have 30 points?" Well yes, he did. But the way he was attacking and getting stopped, he could've went off for an easy 40.

After 12 long years, a winning circus trip tastes great, but I have to say, this whole - being down by 20 and comming back to win it - is getting really old. I hope the Bulls are aware fans won't be mad if every game is a blowout. I don't need an entertaining, exciting comeback Before I sign off, I would just like to add, the Bulls had a chance to win every single one of the circus trip games. They had a late lead in everyone of them. You know what would've given us a 7-0 circus trip? Carlos Boozer. It's just a matter of time till utter dominance. Tick-Tock biatches! Stay classy San Diego.

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