Darn You 3rd Quarter!

Can somebody please explain what happened? I’m baffled, flabbergasted, appalled, disappointed, and confused. (To name a few) How do the Spurs score just 37 points in the entire first half, and then go off for 37 in the third quarter alone?!? Equally as puzzling, how do the Bulls manage just 12 points in the third quarter? Maybe the Bull’s were distracted knowing Eva Longoria is back on the market. I bet that’s it. What a distraction. Those poor Bulls. How can anybody be harsh on them after that loss? It’s like asking me to play Mozart with Jessica Biel sitting on top of the piano. Well, I’m just happy that they’ve gotten this loss out of their system, and now we can focus on destroying Dirk Nowitzki (who reminds me of the guy from the movie The Mask. The original…not the one with Jim Carrey) and the Dallas Mavericks.

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