Look out everybody, and I do mean everybody. The Bulls are on a tear, and I don't see this thing slowing down any time soon. Do you see that score?!? 120 to 90. That's one hundred and twenty to ninety. A difference of 30 points. The Warriors are lucky it was only 30. Just wait till Boozer gets back. This team is going to be unstoppable. They WILL finish in the top THREE in the East. Quote me on that. Go ahead. Get a pen and paper. It's ok, I'll wait......Good. Bulls dominated in every single facit of that game last night. If I was a member of the Golden State Warriors, I wouldn't show up for work anymore. I would head straight to the nearest community college, sign up for classes, and begin a new career. If people asked for my employment history, I'd rather say I worked at a dog shelter and spent my days putting puppies to sleep, than say I played basketball for the Warriors. What a great Friday. Bull's win, Heat lost (AGAIN), and there's beer in the fridge. Looks like it's going to be victory chicken for lunch today.

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