Me Confused.

I didn't want to post anything else until my blood stopped boiling, and I could write with a clear mind. That still doesn't look like it's going to happen. My problem here is with Tom Thibodeau. I have a few senarios as to why Deng, Rose, and Noah were on the bench with the team down by 8 with just 2 minutes left in the game, after resting most of the fourth, and the stadium chanting "we want rose!"....

1.) He legitimately was pissed at them for their lack of defense, allowing NY to score at will, and was sending a message.
2.) He was secretly resting them because he was happy with taking a knee and losing this blowout game. No reason to expend all that energy trying to win against the Knicks, when you have to play Boston (His former team) the following night, and he would rather win big in Boston.
3.) He's an absolute moron that thought it would be better to play with the bench the majority of the fourth quarter.

If senario 2 or senario 3 are true, I'm going to be a very very very angry little boy. After the game, Joakim Noah said he felt like they were being sent a message by the coach. Deep down, I feel like that is the case. I understand the starters weren't getting the job done earlier in the game, but now, you have well-rested starters, 2 minutes to go, and you're only down by EIGHT!!! OK coach, you got your point across, now put them in and win this thing!!! Why would you cost us a game just to make a point. Not smart Thibs. Not smart at all.
On another note, at least I was right about the Korver thing. He had an awesome game shooting 7 for 10 and 4 for 6 behind the 3 point line for 18 points. I apologize for being as wrong as animal cruelty about the Bulls winning this game in a landslide, but let's be honest, did ANYBODY actually expect the starters to get benched, and NY to shoot an insane 16 for 24 from the 3? Didn't think so.

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