Buehrle Has Another Glove of Gold.

According to Chicagobreakingsports.com...

Buehrle received plenty of national recognition for his play April 5 when he retrieved a ball hit by Cleveland's Lou Marson that caromed off his leg and bounced into foul territory, only for Buehrle to retrieve and flip the ball between his legs to first base to retire Marson.
Buehrle picked off a major-league-best 11 runners in 2010 after nailing eight in '09, and his pickoff move was the subject of a May 26 controversy in which umpire Joe West ejected manager Ozzie Guillen and Buehrle in separate incidents after balk calls against Buehrle.

Apparently this story leaked when Mark's wife Jamie made the announcement on her facebook page. Good for Mark Buehrle. He's a good guy that's had a good career. He's the kind of man I would share my Busch Light with. It's a shame all those great Chuck Norris jokes weren't saved for him. If you don't know what "Chuck Norris jokes" I'm talking about, do us all a favor and leave this country.

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