Lakers Squeak By Bulls

With nobody willing to share any of the load with Derrick Rose the refs  Lakers defeated my Chicago Bulls last night 98-91. It's nice to say we had probably the best team in the league against the ropes for most of the game, but great teams find ways to win these games. Sure we almost took down the Spurs, the Celtics, AND the Thunder, but almost doesn't cut it. To say "well Bull's fans, be happy, at least you hung in there with the best" is the same thing as saying "well, be happy, your almost a great team." I'm still not changing my stance on this team though. I still say the Bulls are one of the top 5 teams in the league (top 3 in the East) when Boozer gets back. The Bulls desperately need that post presence and another player to shoulder some of the load. Boozer is that man.

On another note, did anybody else happen to notice announcer Neil Funk's facination with actor Chris O'Donnell last night? He calmly named off all the camera shots of Denzel Washington, Jack Nicholson, Frank Robinson, potential future Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emmanuel, and CHRIS O'DONNELL! THERE HE IS, CHRIS O'DONNELL IS HERE EVERYBODY. THE FINE ACTOR CHRIS O'DONNELL! I'm not sure if Neil Funk is married and/or has kids, but I'm pretty sure if he does, it's with Chris O'Donnell. Or maybe he just reeeaaaalllllyyyy loves batman. Whatever. Get back in the kitchen and finish my turkey.

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