Spurs Favored by 7.5

While tonight's game against the 8 and 1 San Antonio spurs will be a wee bit tougher than last night's; I fully anticipate a close game and/or yet another Bull's victory. This is only the second time thus far this season the Bulls have had to play on back to back nights, so their legs may be a bit tired. I am expecting a lot more out of Luol Deng tonight. SOMEBODY has to step up and be another scorer on this team. It certainly doesn't seem to be Ronnie Brewer or C.J. friggen Watson. Rose can't just keep carrying the load night after night. The Spurs play great defense and will not allow the Bulls to run up and down the court like wild banshees. The Bulls MAY lose this game tonight, but it will not be by more than 7.5 points. If Chicago can get the W, they will prevent the greatest start to a season in Spur's history.

Speaking of the Spurs....There's a little distraction on that team by the name of Tony Parker. Apparently this dumb-shit has been cheating on his wife Eva Longoria, so today she filed for divorce. It get's better. He's been cheating on her with the wife of a teammate!  If it's Tim Duncan's wife, consider this game a lock for the Bulls. Tim Duncan would murder Tony Parker on the court with his bare hands, then slam dunk his head. More importantly, why in the hell does Tony Parker feel the need to cheat on Eva Longoria?!?!? He must know something we don't know to do something this dumb. My guesses are the following: A. She grew a penis. B. She grew a tail (like the guy in Shallow Hal) C. She has SARS, West Nile, AND Swine flew. D. She grew a penis. Whatever it is, I feel Tony truely owes it to society to share his reason with the rest of us. What a jerk. Go Bulls.

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  1. D, she grew a penis. It's the only logical answer for a couple reasons. First, what's wrong with a tail? Don't be so judgemental. Secondly, all three diseases can be cured with time and money...case in point: Magic Johnson. Regardless, he's an idiot. My question is how much time will Parker miss after he gets his wedding band tattoo lasered off? Idiot.