Hot Stove Courtesy of Chet Steadman...

I gotta make this brief...

Ryan Theriot went to the Cardinals from the Dodgers. (Who cares?)

First base candidates for the Cubs: Lance Berkman, Carlos Pena, & Adam Dunn (doubt it) seem to be front runners.

Pitching interest for the Cubs: Brandon Webb, Jeff Francis, Erik Bedard, Aaron Harang. (All oft-injured players that will demand large contracts. Jim Hendry should have no problems with this one)

A deal is currently being negotiated to lock up Carlos Marmol long term. With the slider that boy throws, the Cubs should just be more concerned about his health care plan than the actual contract itself.

White Sox News...
Expect Paul Konerko to decline arbitration from the White Sox tonight. He won't be back next season with the White Sox. Trust me. I won't say this is comming from outside sources, because I AM the source.

According to the White Sox, A.J. Pierzynski was not offered arbitration. Not because they don't want him back. They just don't want to pay him north of $6.5 million.

Anybody know if Hawk Harrelson is still alive?

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