Nuggets / Bulls 7:05 Tonight

It would be nice if I could write about Carmelo Anthony playing his old team tonight. Instead, he still may be facing his future team tonight. (Doubt it though) I won't even make any predictions. Who knows with this team. This comming from behind stuff is getting old in a hurry. Seems to be a bit of a trend around here to put yourself down 21 points in the second half, then battle all the way back, take a short lead, and then let it slip away just in time to lose the game. The Bulls currently sit with a record of 2 and 3. They could EASILY be 4 and 1. They need to start beating some of the better teams out there if they want to start to be taken seroiusly in this league. Tonight would be an excellent time to start against Denver. Bulls are favored by 3 in this game. If I were a betting man....ah what the hell. Take it. I say the Bulls win by 5. Just don't hold me to it. Right now, the Bulls are as predictable as the weather atop Mount Everest. (Sorry, that was stupid)

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