Eat A Fart Phil Jackson

..and I mean that with the utmost respect. Phil Jackson was quoted as saying that the Miami Heat could break the Bulls 72 and 10 record. Thanks for the love Phil. Thank you for not defending the greatest team in NBA history that YOU COACHED! I don't mind it comming from the mouths of the critics, but you, that hurts. Who cares if you think the Heat will beat the record?!?You don't actually come out and admit it when it was YOUR TEAM. I wonder if he even realizes that his current Laker team is favored OVER the Miami Heat to win it all. I just don't get this little vendeta Phil's seems to have ever since he left Chicago. It's like if I come up with the greatest invention of all time, and shortly thereafter say, "eh, somebody will probably do it better.' What a jerk. Who do the Laker's play tonight? Denver? Ok, GO NUGGETS!!!!!

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