Happy Free Agency Day...

The San Francisco Giants were able to do what many teams seem to be doing these days, except the Cubs....end a championship drought. So a tip of the cap to them. With the never ending baseball season finally in the books, today marks the official beginning of free agency. In other words...today marks the day Jim Hendry will spend the next several months finding the improper fit at first base for the Cubs, along with unsuccessfully trading Fukudome, not adding a solid arm in the rotation, and not fix the constantly ignored hole at 2nd base. Rest assured, whatever free agents he does land, they will be grossly overpaid, and given no-trade clauses which will clog up the payroll and farm system for years to come.

Today also marks the day Kenny Williams will begin his search for the next big washed up player whose career he will try to revive. To his credit, sometimes it actually works. (Omar Vizquel) It drives me absolutely bananas how frequently he tries to fit squares into circles by bringing up no-name underdeveloped talent too soon, then trading them away, and signing old players that other teams just won't give a chance. It's like he wants people to say "what is he thinking?!?" so that if it does pan out, he'll look like a genious.

Who knows what this off season has in store. Should be interesting none the less.

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