Bullieve It. They're bad... And That's Okay.

There's way too much ground to cover between my last legit post and this one. So lets just jump right into business...
Is the current state of the Bulls fun to watch? No. Is it a seemingly endless marathon of pain and unfairness? Yes. We all know the past. We all know the current situation. What we don't know is the future. What does that leave us Bulls fans with? Hope... or in some cases, hopelessness. But please allow me to be one of the first (if not thee first) to say the circumstances of today could very well be the blessings of tomorrow. Hear me out...

Does it blow a pile of moldy donkey dick that Rose got hurt (again)? Yes. Did Chicago have championship aspirations for the other tenants of the Madhouse on Madison this season? Yes. Would Bulls fans make a sacrafice or two to get in Marty McFly's Delorean in an attempt to turn back the hands of time? You damn well better believe it. But lets face it... all that shit is out of our control. So getting back to the point, now we're left pondering the question of what's next? Well I'll tell you what's next. A shitload of promise and hope with a little faith sprinkled in. The promise lies within the (healthy) core of this team: Noah, Butler, Gibson, and Snell. Yes, as in Tony Snell. Trust me on this one. He's a keeper. Just give it a little time. The other three are locked up for a little bit, so there's nothing to consider there. Next is hope. The hope lies within our hopes of the front office. The hope is they do the right things at the right times. By that I mean specifically this season. Luol Deng is only going to increase his trade value this season with Rose being out. His minutes will remain high, he will most likely be the high points leader, and he will be relied on in clutch situations. There's no reason he can't be traded for an already established NBA player or a late first round pick. Now mind you, if the Bulls keep Deng off the books next season, that's nearly $14.3 million available.

(I guess this is the faith section) Next up? Boozer. Everybody wants to hate on Boozer. I, peronally, have no problem keeping him around. Yes, we're are all aware of his lack of his ability to defend and/or jump over a sheet of paper, but he puts up solid numbers and does a lot of solid work off the ball while on offense. I think people just want to hate on him because of the contract. It seems to be the reoccuring theme in Chicago... if you're a stud and you get paid near max money, you're deemed a need-to-be flushed turd after the first season or two of your contract. Getting back to the point, let's just say the Bulls amnesty Boozer. You know what that frees up against the payroll? $16.8 million! Is Boozer bad? No. But is he worth freeing up $16.8 million? I'm sure most would find a way to say 'yes' to that.

Off the top of my head, you know who else is coming off the books for $4 million? Kirk-"it wasn't me"-Hinrich!

Lastly, the Bulls have rights to Nikola Mirotic of Spain, who they could very easily bring over to the NBA next season. If you're not sure who he is, let's just say he's Tony Kukoc times two and then put on steroids.

So let's sum this thang up... The Bulls have a VERY solid core in place with Gibson, Butler, Noah, Snell, (sharp-shooting Dunleavy back next year), a superstar international pick from Spain waiting to come over, a recent NBA MVP chomping at the bit to come back, roughly $35 million in cash to spend, and if this current season goes bad enough, a top draft pick in a deep draft class. (Oh! And I nearly forgot an unprotected, potentially EXTREMELY HIGH draft pick from the Charlotte Bobcats for the Tyrus Thomas 2010 trade) Do things smell like shit right now? Yes. But they also did for Andy Dufresne before he crawled through 500 yards of sewage pipe after spending 19 years in prison, only to earn his freedom from Shawshank and end up living the rest of his days in paradise.