Where do I begin? It's been a looooong time since I've been this emotionally charged from a basketball game. I want to say the last time was Bulls/Celtics first round playoffs with a triple overtime from a few years ago. But that doesn't really compare; because even that series had legit officiating that I couldn't complain about.

This afternoon's game put me (us) through the ringer: excitement, anger, hopefullness, optimism, pessimism, resentment, angst, and ultimately remorse. I'm not one for excuses. In fact, I HATE excuses. But today's game... today's game DEFINITELY warrants excuses. Let me start with the least significant and work my way up to the most...
  • CJ Watson out... That leaves John Lucas as the primary Rose backup. 'Nuff said.
  • Luol Deng..?
You know what? Screw it. I don't need to go through the details. You all saw the game. Bottom line. Cut and Dry. Plain and Simple. Black and white. That game was BULL SHIT!!!!! Even if the Bulls won, I would still say it was a steal. That officiating was unbelievable, practically one-sided, typical NBA favoring the favorite, getting the ratings garbage. Take your fucking pick...The OBVIOUS goaltend that wasn't called on Rose's layup in the first minute of the game. CONSTANT bitching, whining, moaning, complaining on ANY fould called against the heat until they get their way. Putting Rose in instant foul trouble on unwarranted calls. The unknown and unnecessary whistle after Lebron misses both free throws at the end of the game... that resulted in a jump ball that was basically more-less a referree-to-LeBron pass. (Which by the way is illegal. Lebron did not wait for the ball to reach it's highest point to touch the ball). Like I said, I'm not making excuses. I'm telling it how I see it. It seemed like every time the Bulls had a call go their way, the refs turned around and gave one to the Heat because it seemed like they 'owed' them one. Hell, I even predicted the Bulls would lose this game. I have no problem with the Bulls losing (well, yes i do), but it's that they lost on a bunch of bull shit that did nothing but help fuel the ego's of a bunch of overpaid, woe is me, classless clowns who's egos have no more room for any type of inflation. Yes, I know, Derrick Rose missed clutch free throws that could've changed everything. But the moral of the story is, the Bulls did not even have to be in that situation in the first place if it weren't for the officiating.

On one last note, allow me to list just a few more of the things I loathe about the Miami Gofuckyourselves. I mean Heat...
Lebron's Pubic Beard
Dwayne Wade - Sellout
Udonis Haslem. Nothing specific. Just hate him.
Lebron's face after any dunk. He seems to think that if he dunks the ball it's worth 5 points.
Erika Spoelstra's face. My God. That man has a face that NEEDS to be clubbed with a spiked bat.
Lebron James' smile. I feel like I'm looking at the root of all evil in the world every time I see his sly mug.
The Heat's PA announcer. Did he get that job from the make-a-wish foundation?
The Heat fans. Do they even know where they are?
HEY, DID YOU GUYS KNOW THAT LEBRON RODE HIS BICYCLE TO THE GAME TODAY?!?!? That's terrific. He rode his bike to the game then played basketball. TWELVE YEAR OLDS DO THAT EVERY FUCKING DAY IN THE MIDDLE OF SUMMER. What in the world was with the media coverage and that bike. It wasn't Noah's arc. It was a god damn bike!

I'll just stop here. My blood is boiling. I cannot process thoughts clear enough to type it all out in formidable sentences as rage takes over. It is just one feeling of hatred after another after another.

I'll leave by saying this: I would trade the next 15 years' chances of a Cub's World Series for the Bulls to win the Eastern Conference Finals against the Heat, followed by an NBA title.

Thee end. Thanks for playing.