John Lucas III Needs To Find A New Profession Immediately

Wow. The Bulls were 2 free throws away from a guaranteed winning circus trip for the first time since 97-98. John Lucas did his best to make sure this wasn't the case. First off, Thibadeou never should've put him in, in that situation in the first place. Secondly, Lucas didn't just miss TWO huge free throws, he straight up clanked them. Talk about shitting the bed and rolling over in it. You could blind fold me, spin me in a circle for 2 minutes, kick me in the crotch, an I could still shoot better free throws than that. This is one tough pill to swallow. All I can say is hopefully D-Rose comes out with a firey pissed off vengeance against Sacremento this evening.

On a more positive note, C J Watson, well done chap. Its about damn time somebody steps up like they got a set on this team (other than Rose). This game would've been over before it started had it not been for Watson.

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