Winning Is Fun

Boy was that nice for a change. Good, solid effort by the Bulls. Taj Gibson, Noah, Rose, all looked great. It's astonishing how different this team can look without Rose on the court. He seems to be thee ONLY player that can drive through the lane, and this becomes more and more evident every game.

On another note, I can only hope and pray that this game was enough to motivate Carmelo to demand a trade to Chicago. He's said Chicago was one of the top spots he would want to play for. Getting beat by the team you want to be on must only enhance that feeling. This is what he had to say before the game...

"I don't want to say this in the wrong way and then ya'll take it," he began. "But anybody would love to play with a guy like Derrick Rose. A young point guard, young star, [who] gets the ball up and down the court. He's improved his game every year. You got a young big man in [Joakim] Noah. You got [Carlos] Boozer, right now Boozer's hurt, but they've got a good team right now."

I don't know about you guys, but this clearly sounds to me like this man wants to be on the Bulls. He knows that his presence would almost certainly make the Bulls title contenders. Unfortunately, this is not up to Carmelo. It's up to both front offices. Salary cap complications is going to make this trade next to impossible,  but you never know. If he wants to be in Chicago bad enough, I'm sure it'll find a way to happen. Hell, the Bears got Cutler as a quarterback, so anything's possible.

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