Sandburg Candidate for Phillies AAA Gig

Jim Hendry must've really pissed this guy off. He said F U to returning to the Cubs farm system because he wanted to find a job on a major league roster. Now all reports are saying that he's in the running to become the next AAA manager for the Phillies. Bottom line, he doesn't want anything to do with Jim Hendry's back stabbing ways and I don't blame the man.

They say that any U.S. citizen can get a law passed through legistlation. Does anybody know how I can go about making it illegal for Jim Hendry to have any affiliation with the game of baseball what-so-ever? And if Hendry were to try to come in contact with the game, the punishment wouldn't be jail time or community service. It would be a capitol punishment. What? A man can dream, can't I? Land of the free, home of the brave. Ooh Rah!

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