Bulls/Thunder 2nd Qtr

Timeout-Still too sloppy. Layoff the fouls. CJ Watson looks great. Loving Korver in there to threaten from the outside. Derrick needs to dominate Lebron Style. More offensive rebound needed. Need more aggressiveness out of Noah. 43-OKC 42-Bulls mid 2nd Qtr
2:48 in 2nd...great pressure on D. Good ball movement on offense. Joakim seems off. Can't put my finger on it. Keep the pressure on, and keep the crowd out of it. 50-49. Bulls with lead

Halftime...waaaaay too many fouls by Bulls. "Kill them" is a figure of speech in sports. Be aggressive, not stupid. Take balanced shots and STOP WESTBROOK! OKC-59 Bulls-54.

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