Thunder: Prepare to be Thunderstuck

4.5 billion years ago, planet Earth was formed. Six million years ago, the first man began walking on two legs. 2010 years ago, a God took human form. 236 years ago, the greatest nation in the world gained it's independence. 119 years ago, a game called basketball was first played. 26 years ago, a man named Michael, on a team called the Chicago Bulls, changed that game forever. And tonight my friends...tonight, those Chicago Bulls usher in a new era of basketball in attempt to restore the game to it's former glory. The path to puttting trophy number 7 in the glass case begins this evening when the Bulls thunderstrike the Oklahoma City Thunder. People say the Bulls will have to climb a mountain to overcome the Thunder tonight. The Bulls don't climb mountains. They plow through them with insurmountable force and glance back only to laugh. Kevin Durant? Russel Westbrook? Who gives a damn?!?! Only one name needs to be mentioned here. Derrick Rose.

Tipoff is at 7:00 PM CT. The nation will be watching on ESPN this evening.

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