You may be wondering why there is a picture of a ham sandwich above. Well, it's because this article is about the Pacers. And quite honestly, this ham sandwich itself is roughly 13 times cooler than the pacers. The spread for tonights game is Bulls at -7.5. THIS WILL COVER. I have scientific proof that I am right about this. Here are my findings....The Pacer's suck and I hate them. Sorry if I used too many technical words for you. Allow me to put this in layman's terms....THE PACER'S SUCK AND I HATE THEM; THEREFORE, WILL LOSE TO THE BULLS BY 8 OR MORE POINTS TONIGHT. The Bull's will be playing without a sick Joakim Noah, but that's ok. Kyle Korver will be back in the lineup, working his 3 point magic, after sitting out last game with a booboo on his ankle. I aplogize if I ruined the game for you by already giving away the ending, but science doesn't lie.


  1. If Derrick Rose passed the ball would anyone be able to tell about it after the game?

    The answer would be a resounding no because everyone in attendance died from shock at the sight of such an occurrence

    This fan's prediction: Bulls - 110, Pacers - 107

    My wallet - $5 richer

  2. Don't you have some NASCAR to watch or something?