Who's winning East? I know who Lebron picks.

The obvious choice for most, if not all, common folk is Miami; followed closely by Boston, Orlando, and then a distant Bulls team. But for us non-common folk that know a thing or two about this Bulls team, and have actually followed them for more than just a drunken Friday night at Bourbon Street...we know the talent this team has. A lot of talented youth, with a little veteran experience sprinkled in, is usually a recipe for success....which is exactly what this team is. Long story short, I pick the a healthy Bulls team to make the Eastern Conference finals. Now, on to their opponent...

I'd be dumb as a Lohan to suggest that the Heat aren't going to be a good great team. Hell, they MAY even finish 73-9. Who knows. But what do they have? Three rottweilers surrounded by a number of chihuahua's. We've already witnessed this preseason what happens when one, if not two of them, go down. In addition to injuries these "Big Three" are going to have to rest at some point during a game, which tells me you are going to see a lot of 10 and 15 point leads quickly shrivel. Not to mention, who wants to set the over/under on when these three major ego's collide? In my opinion, the Bulls have some of the best depth in the league. There are really no sore spots on the team (no pun intended to Boozer's pinkie), and the chemistry already seems to taking shape. Omer Asik, Keith Bogans, C.J. Watson...3 players ALREADY making cases for starting positions - none of which were anticipated to be.

So am I saying the Bulls are better than the Heat? No. Well, well not exactly. (sometimes a pack of hyenas can take down an elephant) But I am saying it's going to be very interesting to see how that Heat team plays out. There are a lot more variables with that team. Moreso than with Chicago. And sometimes those variables can be your own worst enemy. Look how many times in baseball alone you expect a team to just dominate a division only to completely fall apart for whatever reason. (Cubs)

Tune in tomorrow for my weekend picks.

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