I know I typically should stick to Cubs, Sox, and Bulls on this page. But last night's epic collapse of the new "big three" is just too great of an opportunity to pass up. I was most impressed by the Heat's 9 total first quarter points. I think the one legged cross-eyed kid from 3rd grade was able to do that by himself. The schadenfreude that engulfed by body after that game sent me to bed with a smile, and woke me up with a smile. Hell, I even got up at 3 AM to take a pis with a smile. (Definition of Schadenfreude: Pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others.) If the Bulls manage to lose tonight, I can still take solice knowing the Heat lost their opener. Watching the disappointment take over their faces as Ray Allen hit the clutch 3 to seal the deal brought nothing but sheer utter joy to my soul. It was like watching Saddam Hussein get assassinated. Dwayne Wade looked like a lost puppy out there. And Bosh, oh my lawd, what a tag-a-long wannabe somebody. As much as I hate the backstabbing, ruthless prick, I still have to give Lebron some respect for taking over that game in the third. One down, ten to go, until my 95-96 Bulls can continue to reign as the greatest team ever assembled!!!

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