Omer Got Served.

What. The. Hell. Is. That?!?!?!? A technical foul?!?! For that?!? So what happens if you give the referee the finger? Does he pull out a double-barreled shotgun and blow your head off? I understand the NBA is cracking down on foul complaints. It's a great idea to stop 3 year olds like Kirk "I didn't do it" Hinrich from throwin temper tantrums, but this...this is just terrible. I will say, you've got to love Omer Asik's reaction. It was like a kid that spilled his milk at the dinner table and was anticipating the wrath of his father's backhand. I wonder if he cried at some point after the game. I hope that ref feels good about himself. What a Nancy. If I were Omer Asik, I would've turned around and screamed "Oh yeah? Technical foul this!". Then chuck the ball at his nut sack.

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