Bulls/Thunder Qtr 4

8:33 in 4th-OKC 86 Bulls 85...too close for comfort. Again, Derrick just needs to take control and stamp his name on the NBA. No more fouls, swing the ball, find the open man. More importantly, WIN THIS DAMN GAME!!!!!
6:46- you could give Rosie O'donnell the ball and I don't think this game could get uglier.
3:55-I haven't seen a sloppier gyro at this point right now. No excuse. Let's friggen go!!!!!
2:00-It's over. Way to fold. Had this one and decided to eat a fart instead. Thanks for the letdown Bulls.OKC-100 91-Bulls.
0:00- Just cuz you're from Chicago doesn't mean you have to give up and lose on a 15-4 run. Leave that to the Bears. PLEASE!!! Thanks for nothin...jerks.

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