Weekend Picks - Happy Friday

Bears -6 over Seattle. Last week Todd Collins threw 6 passes to his team, and 4 to the other. Yet somehow Da Bears still pulled out a victory. I believe this Sunday is a given.

NY Giants -10 over Detriot. Pretty sure Giants are back to good. Back to back spankings against the 4-1 Bears and 3-2 Texans should solidify this home game.

Cowboys/Vikings under 44.5. Two lifeless teams going nowhere in a hurry. Couple in Favre's "dead arm" (probably injured during freak sexting texting accident), with Dallas' ineffectivness. The under should be a lock.

Blackhawks/Columbus under 5.5. Because I said so.

Bulls -4 over Dallas Maverics. Do I need to give an explanation. Ok fine. Please refer to the Blackhawks/Columbus pick.

Squeeze it easy folks!

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  1. Wow.... 0-5 this week! Well done

    I went 8-4-1 in NFL games ATS yesterday. Perhaps you should let me do a column on your blog!