Bulls Get Slaughtered.

Orlando Magic 105. Chicago Bulls 67.
No. My keyboard is not broken. No, I do not suffer from some sort of neurological disorder forcing me to type those numbers. You read them correctly. Orlando Magic 105, Chicago Bulls 67. I know it's preseason, but Christ on a cracker, that is heinous. I'm pretty sure by half time the entire roster was asking coach Thibodeau, "Can we be done now?!? Plllleeeaassee?!?!"...Like kids at the dinner table. I've seen better performance by wheel chair basketball teams. I was waiting for Ashton Kutcher to come running out of the tunnel screaming "you just got punked!!!" at the Bulls bench. Or for the tards from college humor to be secretly wearing Kyle Korver and Omer Asik masks. Something, ANYTHING to debunk that horrific "performance." The good news is it could always be worse...I could be writing about the Bears right now.

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