Top 10 Reasons the Bulls Will Win It All

Number 10.... Tom Thibedeau has an impossible name. And any man with an impossible name can not be beat.
Number 9.... Chuck Norris jokes can be applied to Omer Asik as well.
Number 8.... Carlos Boozer is the best 'scream into the rim microphone 'player in the East. Make that world.
Number 7.... Kyle Korver's Beiber hair.
Number 6.... If Boozer fouls out, Taj Gibson fouls out, and Kurt Thomas fouls out, Stacey King will suit up wearing a jersey named 'hot sauce' and score points until victory is declared.
Number 5.... The United Center is on the West side.
Number 4.... Derrick Rose is from Englewood. Need I say more?
Number 3.... Keith Bogan's packs heat. Score on him once you get the evil eye. Score on him twice, you get "inadvertantly hurt." Score on him three times, you get a cap in your ass.
Number 2.... Derrick Rose once slam dunked a Volkswagon in 5th grade.
Number 1.... Joakim Noah's pony tail.

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